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Don’t lose good clients with nice pianos during your busy season!

If you are swamped during your busy season, Gazelle should give you more than just a busy schedule that doesn’t have any room for good clients with nice pianos. Every year technicians experience the pain of turning down work for all types of customers during their busy season; this includes nice grand pianos used by good musicians, spinets recently plucked from online buy/sell groups, and everything in between. Scarcity of time is one problem good piano technicians with an established clientele face, but it no longer has to be.

What if you had a way to collaborate with another local technician, one skilled enough to improve a spinet or old upright and hungry for work? Imagine if you could use Gazelle to fill holes in their schedule so you could make room during your busy season for better customers with the nicest pianos?

Gazelle’s new plans make the logistics of collaborating with other technicians easier than it has ever been! All you have to do is find someone you want to collaborate with, add them as a secondary user to your account, set up some scheduling rules, and watch Gazelle fill their calendar with all the pianos you really don’t have the time (or desire) to service during your busy season. After your busy season is over, you can easily toggle this feature on/off as needed without changing your subscription. Your client information and service history will live in your Gazelle account; their clients and service history on their client’s pianos will live in their Gazelle account. Gazelle gives both of you access to the information you need when you need it so you can focus on caring for your best customers during your busiest time of year. Imagine the possibilities:

Hiring young / part-time technicians

With Gazelle’s new features, you could easily subcontract a young technician in your area who is hungry for work and has enough experience to improve a spinet; or you might find a seasoned technician who only wants to work part time as an employee in your company. Either way, Gazelle eases the stress of scheduling logistics during your busiest time of year.

Creating a regional collaborative with experienced, specialized technicians

If you have seasoned technicians in your region who specialize in certain types of work, you can also use these new features to set up a working collaborative with them where everyone fills holes in each other’s schedules. A regional collaborative can also allow you to specialize and niche down into the specific type of work you love doing (like finish repair and touch up, old piano rejuvenation, high end luxury services, voicing and regulation, onsite evaluations, etc.).

Another option for piano galleries is to build a team of trusted local technicians to subcontract under your company. Whether you want to simplify booking after-delivery tunings or take advantage of the fact that your piano gallery is probably the first call when someone in your city needs service on their piano, instead of feeling like your referrals are going into a black hole, you could use Gazelle to fill holes in every technician’s calendar in your city and build deeper, long-term relationships with your existing, new, and prospective clients.

All of this is possible with Gazelle’s new plans, and you don’t have to do anything except decide you like working with a local colleague, connect your Gazelle calendars, and grow your business.

Published on July 18, 2022