Billing Changes

Billing Changes

Gazelle is excited to announce that we are simplifying our billing metrics. Our new billing plans are identical to our old ones with one exception: we are changing our usage limits to only count “active pianos” and removing the usage limits on automated reminders, invoices, and condition reports.

Why did we make this change?

Prior to this update, we had separate usage limits for reminders, invoices, and condition reports. However, these usage limits were overly complex for the common use case and not flexible enough for others.

What are the new plan limits?

All of our old plans have been migrated to an equivalent new plan under our new billing structure. Our subscription prices have not changed and your new plan will cost the same as your old one.

  • Our new Free plan will allow for 50 active pianos
  • Our new Startup plan will allow for 300 active pianos
  • Our new Professional plan will allow for Unlimited active pianos

You can now assign all your clients to automated reminders and create unlimited invoices and condition reports.

Now that we have a single metric, we are doing away with the other usage limits. All plans will now have unlimited reminders, invoices, and condition reports. The only limit will be the number of active pianos (and the number of scheduleable technicians for companies with multiple technicians).

What counts as an “active piano”?

An “active piano” is determined by changing the status of each piano record. The number of “active pianos” within your account is determined by each user.

The simplicity of these new plans will make it easier for our users to grow their business and plan for the future.