News and Updates from the Gazelle Team

Gazelle plans now support annual pricing!

Gazelle is excited to announce that our new plans now support annual pricing! This is a commonly requested feature that comes from many of our larger customers and members of the CAUT (College and University Technician) community.

Month-to-month or Annual Plans now available to everyone

With Gazelle’s new plans, everyone will have the option of converting their month-to-month billing to an annual plan.

For members of the CAUT community, this is particularly good news. Full-time CAUT technicians have repeatedly told us that their university’s purchasing department does not allow signing up for a month-to-month plan. Until today, however, Gazelle didn’t support an annual billing option, which forced CAUT technicians to find less ideal solutions to their inventory management needs. With our new plan structure, this is no longer a limitation.

Month-to-month vs. Annual Plans

All users will have the option of continuing on a month-to-month subscription. However, users who choose an annual plan will gain access to a better rate for your business.

Where can I find more details about annual plan options?

Log into your web app and go to Settings > Billing to explore your options and determine whether an annual plan is going to be a good fit for you.

Published on July 18, 2022