News and Updates from the Gazelle Team

Hurricane Florence Update

We wanted to let you know Gazelle is closely monitoring hurricane Florence and keeping your business data safe so you can focus on the important things in your life right now.

Florence’s projected path is changing hourly and there is a very small likelihood it could turn and travel near one of our primary data centers in Washington DC / Northern Virginia. Even though Florence will most likely be a weak weather system by the time it gets close, our policy is to take all storms seriously. If needed, we will be spinning up a new server hundreds of miles away as a precaution.

In case you are wondering, all our data centers are certified to withstand a category 5 hurricane, earthquakes, floods, and tornados. And we can easily relocate them on short notice without downtime. So the likelihood Florence will pose a serious threat to Gazelle is small. Nonetheless, we are watching its path closely.

We would like to wish all our customers in the path of the storm the best of luck as you ride this out. Stay safe.

Published on September 14, 2018