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Messaging Through Gazelle Just Got Easier

Oh Happy Day! We are almost ready to roll out a flexible messaging feature that will replace Gazelle’s canned messages with a feature that will bend to your wish and command. Simply called “Messages” this improved feature will now allow 3 things:

  1. You can manually send (or schedule) custom messages to a customer via email, text, or phone call prompts.
  2. You can save templates to help streamline scenarios where you send the same message over and over again
  3. You can set your templates to be sent as-is or edit it before they go out.

Will I lose the “Canned Message” Templates I have already created?

No, we’ve got you covered! As we roll out this feature to you we will convert all your old canned message templates into the new format so they are ready to be used by the new feature.

Can I text/email customers directly from my mobile app?

Yes. The biggest improvement you will notice is that you will now be able to send customers all kinds of saved or custom messages directly from your Gazelle app. This will automatically save the message on the customer’s timeline so you have a record of it for the future.

Stay tuned for an announcement when this feature goes live!

Published on July 25, 2018