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War on Spam; and Gazelle’s Contribution

There is a war on spam and the good guys are winning.  Here at Gazelle, we are making some changes to do our part in this struggle. 

New standards have emerged that require changes to be made to the way we handle sending email reminders. We believe things are moving in a positive direction and our inboxes will be thankful the Internet is fighting back hard in this ongoing war on spam.  

The Problem

Over the past 15+ years, it has become increasingly common for spammers to hijack your identity and send thousands of emails claiming to be  This confuses consumers because the email appears to come from someone they trust. Historically, email providers like Gmail have chosen to tolerate 3rd parties sending email on your behalf because there are legitimate use cases. But this is starting to change.

New standards like DKIM are now being implemented that will affect the way Gazelle is able to send email on your behalf.  If we do nothing, the prognosis is grim. In order to maintain our +98% email deliverability rate, we must comply with the new DKIM standard. Once major players (like Gmail) adopt the DKIM standard we can easily predict +40% of our emails will fail. Gazelle is essentially getting caught in the crossfire of new standards designed to curb SPAM. 

The Solution

There are a lot of ways to prevent SPAM, and we are following all the current rules defined by industry norms.  But on January 15, 2018, we are moving to fully adopt the DKIM standard. This move means we are holding ourselves to a higher standard before we are required to do so. In terms of fighting spam, this is a great thing and it will even improve your customer’s experience with Gazelle email reminders. 

What will be different?

Prior to this change, email providers like Gmail would attach a notice “From: Your Company Name via” when an email is sent using a 3rd party provider who is not fully DKIM compliant.  Eventually, they will stop doing this and just block the email outright.

View of a non-DKIM Compliant Email

View of a DKIM Compliant Email

After Gazelle’s change on January 15th, email providers will treat us like a normal email and will drop the “…via” notice.

Customizing Your New Gazelle Email Address 

After January 15th, all email will be sent from You can customize your new Gazelle email sending address in your account “Settings” which will help identify your business to your customers. If you don’t customize your Gazelle email address before the deadline, we will simply choose one for you based on your company name. 

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are committed to ensuring a smooth email delivery experience for you and your customers.

Published on December 19, 2017