Filtering and Making Changes in Bulk

Filtering and Making Changes in Bulk

If you are tired of servicing spinets or keeping clients on your books who don’t keep up with their piano, you will love this new feature!

Today we launched a feature that significantly expands the filters available for sorting clients and pianos (and adds a bulk edit tool that allows you to quickly change the status of groups of clients). This makes it super easy to clean up your client list and focus your best efforts on good customers with the nicest pianos. With these new features you can:

Easily filter and inactivate undesirable pianos that have not been serviced since X date…

Easily filter and inactivate clients who have zero timeline activity since X date…

These are just two of the many ways you can use these new filters. We plan to continue expanding these filters and the bulk edit options available to support more than just the ‘Status’ change available today. But we wanted to get this tool in your hands now because many users have been asking for a better way to trim their client list down to only their best customers & pianos.