About Gazelle | All-in-one business management software for piano tuners

Our Team

Timothy Barnes

Timothy's vision and leadership within the piano service industry is what paved the way for Gazelle to become the only all-in-one business management software for piano technicians. With a degree in Economics and Business Administration and with his experience as a Registered Piano Technician, Timothy laid out the vision for Gazelle and worked to expand the product into what it is today: the most recommended business management software in the industry.

Luke Ehresman

Luke is a 20-year veteran of web-based software development. With both a Bachelor and Master of Computer Science, he has spent his career developing software solutions for both small and large organizations. His guidance has helped us solve a problem the piano service industry has faced with previous software products: creating a sustainable product with a long-term business model.

Nathan Ehresman

Nathan Ehresman brings decades of software engineering and operational experience to Gazelle. He joined our leadership team in 2016, has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and brings a passion for writing clean, fast code. Nathan’s software development expertise keeps our services safe and running smoothly.

George Buss

George joined Gazelle in the Spring of 2019 to provide FREE "Business Coaching Services" to the Gazelle community. With a history in education, program development, and customer experience he will bring a unique approach to the way you think about and execute your business.

Our Story

Necessity is the mother of invention, and the mother of Gazelle.

Several years ago, in my own piano service business – Well-Loved Piano, I loved my work but I was struggling with everything that wasn’t the actual piano care. Stuff like getting clients to pay on time, creating service reminders, and keeping the business side running smoothly was eating up my time. It was threatening to close the doors of my business when I just couldn’t catch up.

I’d been successful to that point and understood what it takes to run the business side well. But the thing was - I didn’t have the online tools to make that manageable, easy or seamless. And it turns out, no one did. At the time, there wasn’t a single one-stop software for running a business in the piano industry. And I needed it, desperately.

Thankfully, as they say “I knew a guy” – Luke Ehresman, a software engineer. I had the experience to know what our software needed to do to power a piano service business, and Luke knew how to build it. With the very first iteration, my own revenue increased significantly and as I shared it with others, we realized that we were on to something. So together, in January 2015, we officially launched Gazelle.

Gazelle is designed to be a helping hand and source of empowerment to everyone in our industry. There are a lot of general scheduling and client management tools out there, especially today. But we’re really here for people like you and me – piano technicians who got into the business because they love caring for instruments, playing music, and having a life with friends and family. We’re the most complete, all-in-one solution not because it sounds fancy, but because it’s what you need to both survive and thrive in the work you do.

Your success is our mission, and it’s what keeps us working hard to keep making Gazelle the best business management software it can be. If we help you make more money, have more time, or feel like you’re a part of our community, every step of the way is worth it.

So thanks for being a part of the Gazelle team. We’re proud to grow along with you.

The Team at Gazelle