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Gazelle’s new flexible plans are here!

Jul 18, 2022

Over the past eight years at Gazelle, we have had a significant number of users tell us we don’t have the right size plan to fit the unique needs of their business. And the truth is, they were right! This is why we are excited to announce that we are launching new plans that are more flexible and able to fit a broader range of needs for each business we serve. Here is why we made this change:

What problems do our new plans aim to solve?

There are really two big problems we are trying to help our users navigate. Problem #1: Gazelle’s current paid plans have too big of a jump between plans. Over and over, we have watched businesses using Gazelle come to their plan’s active piano limit, but the jump to the next plan didn’t make sense for them. Problem #2: Business owners don’t want to pay for features they do not use. We totally get that; we don’t want to either!

What is our solution to this problem?

Gazelle’s new plans provide more flexibility, more control, and more options for you to decide how much you want to use Gazelle and which features you want to pay for in your plan. In fact, instead of only having three plans to choose from, we are giving you the option of saying, “I want to manage X number of pianos in my plan, and I find value from A, B, C and D features.” Every business will have a plan perfectly sized for their needs and the ability to expand or downsize their plan as their needs change over time.

What will the new plans look like?

Click Here to slide the scale to set how many active pianos you want to manage and then select the features you need in your plan.

What counts as an active piano?

In both our old plans and our new plans, every piano has the status “Active” or “Inactive”. Inactive pianos are ‘read only’ but remain in your system and can be changed to ‘Active’ at any time. You set the piano’s status and will always be in control of which pianos you choose to list as active or inactive. You can also use Gazelle’s new filters to see exactly how many pianos you manage and easily inactivate pianos belonging to clients who have moved away, sold their piano, or are otherwise no longer servicing their piano.

Additionally, when a customer suddenly decides to start servicing an inactive piano again, you can reactivate this piano and resume service with the click of a button.

Can I change my plan’s active piano limit at any time?

Yes! Every business will initially select the number of active pianos they want to manage in their account. However, if for any reason you reach your plan’s cap, you will be given the option to increase your active piano limit or make bulk changes to stay below the plan level you have selected. It will be easy.

How often can I change features and/or piano counts for my plan?

As often as you like. If your needs change mid-subscription cycle, all you have to do is select a different level plan or adjust your features to your current level of need. For example, if you find you need to manage more clients (more pianos) than your current plan allows, we will prorate your existing plan, so you can move up today, paying only the difference in cost for the new plan. If you are scaling back, you can also downgrade anytime, and you will have until the end of your current subscription cycle to deactivate the necessary number of pianos to step into the lower-level plan.

What if I need to temporarily pause my subscription?

This will be easy to do! Especially if another COVID variant causes chaos and your regional government enacts strict lockdown procedures (which are still happening in various cities around the globe).

At the end of the day, whatever plan you select for your business should help you save time, wow your customers, and grow your business however large (or small) your dreams may be. And, Gazelle’s new plans now give you the option to align your costs with a plan that makes sense for the value we are providing to you and your business.

Published on July 18, 2022