News and Updates from the Gazelle Team

Ready for Hurricane Matthew

We’ve received some questions and concerns about our database in relation to Hurricane Matthew.  Rest assured we are hurricane-ready and even have multiple backups around the world.  It’s true that our main data center is located in Virginia and it’s possible that Matthew will reach it in some form, but we’re ready.

We are very serious when it comes to data security and backups.  So much so that we have multiple backups in different forms around the world.  It starts with us having two databases running at the same time.  Every time you click “Save” in Gazelle, your data is written to two databases in two separate physical locations.  Beyond that, we take hourly snapshots of the database and store it encrypted in three locations around the world:  Virginia US, Oregon US, and Sydney AU.

Our data center in Virginia is prepared for hurricanes and we are not expecting any storm-related outages.  But even in the worst case where our Virginia data center goes offline, we would restore the database from one of our other backups and keep running.  You can rest assured that your data is safe.

Stay dry and stay safe this weekend!

Published on October 7, 2016