News and Updates from the Gazelle Team

You want the team at Gazelle to develop features that wow you and your customers!

We want this too, but we can’t always do it. We recently had more than a dozen different people spontaneously ask us to develop essentially the same amazing new feature. The good news is, our team is confident that if we develop these new features, you will save even more time, grow your revenue, and wow your customers! We have just one problem…we had to say, “No.” Over the past eight years our team has repeatedly had similar hard conversations with good technicians, visionaries, and great business owners with tons of valuable ideas that have enough merit to drive significant added value to your business’ bottom line. Unfortunately, over the past eight years, we also had a glaring hole in our paid plans. It wasn’t fair to raise the price of our core plans to develop a feature that only a subset of our users would ever benefit from or need. Painful, right?

Gazelle’s new plans help solve this problem!

In Gazelle’s new plans, all of our users will have the option to pay for the features they find valuable and opt out of the ones they don’t use at this stage of their business. This means the team at Gazelle will be able to expand our product for you in meaningful ways without raising the price on everyone, creating price stability for people who are happy with their current features and opportunity for growing businesses to use new features specifically designed with their needs in mind.

What kind of features are we planning to develop?

The team at Gazelle evaluates tons of feature requests every year. Over the past eight years, our team has learned how to listen to the diverse group of piano technicians who are all using our product and constantly asking us for more. We have also learned how to say “No”, when to say “Yes”, and when to stop everything and listen to the collective wisdom of an entire industry all speaking in unison. We listen to our users, we pay attention to solvable problems they have in their businesses, and we work together to explore possible solutions and find ways to develop, test, launch, and continually improve over time. This is what we have always done. If we had a secret sauce, this would be it!

While we have a long list of requested features to pull from, we also know that the last two years have created a whole new set of challenges (some temporary, others longstanding) that need to be solved. We plan to continue listening to users and honing in on solvable problems that affect our users in meaningful ways. With Gazelle’s new plans beginning on September 19, 2022, we are positioning Gazelle to continue doing what we do best: serve you by helping you save time, wow your customers, and grow your piano service business!

Published on July 18, 2022